Bewegende Kunst – Spiritual Art

“If you love who you are and what you have – you will always be happy in your heart of hearts.“

All paintings are based on spirituality – which sends positive vibrations and touches the beholder on an emotional level.

In the area of emotion, your soul shows to which painting you feel attracted to and will show you which topics are important to act out at the moment or even to let them go to continue your way to freedom in a self-determined manner.

In certain living conditions it is important to stand still and have a look to all puzzle pieces to arrange them new and put them together again. In each situation you look into a mirror which shows you your current condition or state.

Are you ready to accept your mirror image or are you even willing to change it? Are you prepared to get involved with my spiritual art and to feel how positive energies will devolve to you?

Gladly I will bring your individual energy painting on canvas and would appreciate any news and feedback through my contact form.